About Us

Anthoupoli Cyprus 1978, Mr Angelos Stavrinou and his family build a factory which was producing sandals and slippers for countries abroad. In 1988 the factory was burned due to a fire that occurred in the neighbor fields, then the family members decided to close it down and share whatever was worthy. Then Mr Eleftherios Parmatzias took action. He re-established the factory and he produced shoes for Middle East countries. But for his bad luck the trade stop in 1991 when the Gulf war began and due to the globalization which took place at that period of time. So to face this crisis he opens his own retail store in Anthoupoli with the name Talbot shoes (French word-cleaver). Through the year 1991 and 2007 he opened eight more shops to satisfy people demands on shoes in other regions of Nicosia. Talbot is now with two stores is specializing in selling fashionable and comfortable shoes for men and women at any age. The future of the company looks brilliant after the transfer of ownership to the new generation of managers. Recently Talbot founded free spirit events which are events with beach parties to keep in touch and inspire passionate young people.   

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